My philosophy is that every child grows well when nurtured and loved. This begins at birth through the nourishing care of a Doula in support of the mother and father, who have the risks minimized by such care.

From laboring with a Doula the mother and father can develop a bond with the infant that knits the family together. The bonding and nurturing of the infant allows for a solid beginning.

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I also believe birthing is time for developing the connections with culture and the spiritual teachings of the family. When life begins in such a way, the baby is protected for life.

My sister site is hoksiyuhaboti. This means “a place to give birth” in Lakota. ┬áIt has been my hope to help facilitate a birthing program on the Sicangu reservation, where the cultural aspects could be the basis of pregnancy and childbirth.

Some of the blogs posted at that site, will appear here as well as new topics…